I ♡ Food

I love eating. No, really, I LOVE eating. I love food. I love buying food. I love researching food. I love preparing food. But really, I love eating food. And all kinds of food at that. I may even be a food snob, but I hate to put such a label on myself. I'd like to think I'm an equal-opportunity foodie.

I love trying all sorts of foods and so I love going to all sorts of restaurants. My wallet, however does not share the same sentiment. It begs for clemency. Thus, I decided that for a month, if I want a specific type of food, I'll just have to make it myself.

And my most favourite food is sushi. So yummy. So good for you. But such an expensive habit. A sushi roll costs about $4-5, while sashimi is about $10 for 10 pieces. So instead of making my wallet cry, I decided to head over to my local fish market and grab some sushi-grade salmon and tuna and last Friday night I made sushi rolls as well as nigiri and sashimi.

I like to make my sushi with brown rice instead of white as there's more fibre and other good nutrients. It's not quite the same consistency in the end, but yummy enough for me! To the rice I add some rice vinegar, sugar, and salt and that's all that's needed for sushi rice.

Inside my rolls, I like to put some avocado which is chock full of good fats, as well as a protein like chicken, crab, or in this case, tuna, and some lettuce if I happen to have some hanging around.

And voilà!
Now 40 of these rolls cost me about $15, including the fish, the rice, the nori, and the veggies. My wallet says: Thank you.

For the nigiri, I used white sushi rice as it was a gift from a friend and I felt mildly obligated to at least try it. And try it I did! Same sushi rice recipe with a piece of salmon on top. Delicious!

The salmon cost me $11 and I got another 40 pieces out of it. So all in all, that's about 80 pieces of sushi for $25. Can't beat that!
My wallet's final say: Thank you. Thank you very much.

And in case you're wondering, no I did not eat it all myself. I did manage to share with friends. And no, I'm not lying. Honestly.